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Chinese medicine generators

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 Designed to produce ginseng extract in vacuum condition, yielding highly concentrated extract with all vital ginseng elements intact. 
 Because the extractor processes extract in vacuum conditions without requiring any vapor pressure, the amount of water added to the extractor does not reduce and the resulting extract retains the original flavor and all medicinal effects of ginseng.

The original taste and flavor of ginseng do not evaporate during the processing of ginseng extract.    The vacuum pipe of the extractor prevents any vapor from evaporating, allowing all processed extract to preserve the medicinal effects and flavor of ginseng. 

 The extractor allows processing over 6 liters of red ginseng extract by using 300 grams of dried ginseng at a time (3 times of money-saving).  
  No need for processing extract several times – use the entire pack of dried ginseng at a time. 

 Temperature sensor keeps the temperature at 90 to 100℃ to enable the
ginseng in the extractor to ripen and produce red ginseng extract. 
 - Allows using inexpensive dried ginseng to produce high quality red ginseng extract.
- Enables to save electricity about 50%.
The newly upgraded Yangji ginseng extractor has a built-in sensor for automatic temperature control.  Enjoy the full benefits of ginseng extract worry-free!

 The glass carafe is attached with a valve for convenient discharge. 
 - No need for lifting the lid or pouring from the glass carafe.  Prevents evaporation and preserves medicinal effects.
- The attached light allows checking for the color and amount of the ginseng extract.

 Convenience and safety for users  
 Certified by the Korea Electric Testing Institute (KEETI) for safety.   

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